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Accuracy of Prices

WebProductsExpress.com is not responsible for accuracy of the sales adds presented. Some advertisers want us to display prices that only last 2 days. If we do not remove them in time there are complaints that the advertised prices can not be found. Most of the sales advertised are monthly sales and we try to have those changed on time every month. We are working on ways to keep accurate up to the minute notices on sale prices. If you find an expired price please send us feedback. We will post dates for all short term adds so that you know that the price displayed is available or not. Email notices  may be a way to get spot prices out to interested parties. Please send us feedback on this subject if you think this is a good idea or you have other suggestions. We appreciate your patience until we resolve this problem.

WebProductsExpress.com  reserves the right, at its discretion, to change or modify all or part of this agreement at any time.

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